April 6, 2016

AIMS-Cameroon Students make 320 000 CFA Donation to SAVE THE CHILDREN

The AIMS-Cameroon Students make a donation worth 320 000 Francs CFA to SAVE THE CHILDREN orphanage home
AIMS-Cameroon Students came up with a strategy to reach out to destitute children around the neighbourhood. They were able to raise the sum of 320,000 Frs from students, and staff for this purpose and on 24 December 2015, AIMS-Cameroon students, with a tutor and 3 other staff visited the Save the Children Orphanage in GRA Bota in Limbe, South West region of Cameroon. Save the Children Orphanage is a home for 22 children ages ranging from 3 months to 17 years.

Most of the 320,000 francs was used to donate financial and material gifts; to buy essential goods like rice, tomatoes, sugar, toilet rolls, toothpaste, eggs, bathing soap, powder soap, milk, ovaltine and other items that are necessary for everyday use. The balance of cash in the sum of 116,000 Frs was handed to the management of the orphanage. Other gifts like books, pens and pencils were put in parceling bags which were handed to orphans individually
The chosen children were delighted with joy when the AIMS vehicle pulled into the compound
The program started at 11:30 am with an opening prayer by Theophilus Asenso and an opening remark by the Class Delegate, Blaize Abuntori who introduced the students and staff to the children. Games and songs led by Emmanuel Uchendu who doubled as the MC of the program came next.

There was full participation from the children as they were very happy to welcome AIMS in their midst. A short talk was presented by the Gender Club, having Joshua Oyedele as the spokesperson. The school staff representative in the person of Catherine Martin gave a short speech where she encouraged the children to hold onto their dreams as she assured them that the future holds much more for them. She, thus, presented the gift items and some funds from AIMS-Cameroon Students

Lunch was served to everyone including the children by the AIMS caterers. This gesture actually made the children feel as if they are celebrating the holiday. Gifts were handed to the children by Ms Catherine Martin who encouraged them to hope for the best. A cake was made with the picture of children by Mrs Tima Haddison and presented to them. Several games that kept the children cheering were played. The highlight of the programme was the dance performance from the children.

AIMS students could help by volunteering in the domain of extra classes
Mr. Ngale who is acting as the Manager of the orphanage in the absence of the mother expressed his appreciation during his speech and asked that AIMS should continue to support them whenever the need arises. He indicated that AIMS could help in the domain of extra classes for students that are behind in some of the subjects in school.
The occasion ended with a lot of dancing and celebration. AIMS students reluctantly departed at about 3:45pm to prepare for other activities to mark the holiday season. An AIMS student said “It was amazing as we all came back with a feeling of gratitude as most of us learnt from this act of giving back to the society. From our experience there, we can say, Africa has a brighter future as most of the children had giant ambitions and great minds”.

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