April 15, 2021

Moutamal Maryse Manuella Explores Her Research Interest in Fractional Calculus

On April 14th was a busy day for Cameroonian-born Ph.D Candidate Moutamal Maryse Manuella at the Research Centre. The Cameroonian-born AIMS Cameroon alumna and Ph.D. candidate granted with DAAD-AIMS Cameroon Scholarship, is currently registered at the University of Buea and based at the AIMS Cameroon Research Centre where she is working under the supervision of Prof. Gisele Mophou of Université des Antilles and Dr. Boniface Nkemzi of the University of Buea.

Ms. Moutamal’s research interest lies in the Control Theory Field, precisely in the area of Fractional Calculus applied to a network

Her research interest lies in the Control Theory Field, precisely in the area of Fractional Calculus applied to a network; which could be fluid or gas. But at which stage of her research was she working on today?

“The stage I am currently working at requires me to genuinely solve the Optimal Control Problems of Parabolic Fractional Sturm-Liouville equations on a star graph. The system of equations modeling the fluid diffusion process is obtained through a Riemann-Liouville Fractional derivative. Proving the well-posedness of the system, deriving the existence and uniqueness of the solutions, and therefore, controlling the dynamics of the fluid under certain conditions, represent the milestone to attain. With the work currently in progress, today’s task focuses on finding the systems of equations that characterize the controls,” she said.

Ms. Moutamal earned a Master’s in Mathematics at the University of Douala before joining AIMS-Cameroon where she graduated as valedictorian of our 2017/2018 cohort. Empowered by the give-back spirit at AIMS, Maryse joined the “Rise Africa” project where she contributes in promoting accessible education for needy children in Cameroon while teaching them some practical skills that will help them become independent and useful to others. Maryse aspires to be acknowledged amongst the greatest scientists in Africa through ground-breaking and inspiring Research.

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